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Наши работы


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  • Флора Лекс Флора Лекс

Мы доказали свою способность создавать интерфейсы хорошего интерактивного пользователя для большого количества бизнес-решений, которые не имеют аналогов.

Приложение IOS

  • ALSA ALSA ALSA app for smartphones and tablets. Buy your bus tickets the easiest and fastest way, check the schedules and prices, join BusPlus and access your private area.
  • FileMaker Go FileMaker Go FileMaker Go 13 for iPad and iPhone allows streamline business.Negotiate sales deals on the road, collaborate on projects while traveling, capture research data and send it back to the lab, or confirm inventory levels in the warehouse – all while you’re on the go. Use FileMaker Pro 13 to create custom business solutions. Then use FileMaker Go 13 to remotely access these solutions on your iPad and iPhone.
  • Quantisense MicroStrategy Mobile MicroStrategy Mobile is the easiest and fastest way to mobilize practically all of your information systems, including data warehouses, BI, ERP, CRM, web applications and more, currently trapped on the desktop. Transform your entire workforce into a connected and highly productive mobile workforce with mobile apps that are infinitely better than their web counterparts.
  • Concur Concur Keep track of your expenses and stay productive on the go. Large and small businesses can easily track business travel and manage expense reports anytime - from anywhere - with Concur.

Iphone и Ipad представляют собой один из крупнейших сегменте портативных устройств для пользователей; Миллионы пользователей пользуются Ipad, и именно поэтому это устройство доминирует среди других на рынке. Это отличная возможность для разработки приложений для IOS и сделать ваших клиентов довольными, вовлечь их в IOS и сделать ваших сотрудников более мобильными.

Приложения для Android

  • Dashlane Password Manager Dashlane Password Manager Dashlane is life-changingly great. And free. Get it.” - David Pogue, The New York Times Dashlane makes it easy to keep track of passwords and personal info that you use across the web. Access your data at home, at work, or anywhere in between.
  • Hostelworld Hostelworld App from Hostelworld to find and book hostels easily on the go, anywhere in the world or finding last-minute hostels in cities like London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago while traveling. We have reinvented the app to make it amazingly simple and easy to use, helping people to find a room even more quickly than before.
  • LiveATC LiveATC LiveATC for Android is brought to you by LiveATC.net - listen to live air traffic control. LiveATC for Android provides a quick and easy way to listen in on live conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers near many airports around the world.
  • QuickBooks QuickBooks Run your entire business with the world’s No. 1 small business cloud accounting solution and enjoy the freedom of working anywhere from your smartphone or tablet.

Индивидуальные мобильные приложения для android— это новые возможности, которые получит ваш бизнес: привлечение новых клиентов, повышение их лояльности к компании, рост продаж.Станете для клиента ближе, полезнее и интереснее.


  • MyAuchan MyAuchan An unlisted company, combining family and employee shareholders, Groupe Auchan is organized into five core businesses: hypermarkets, supermarkets, Immochan, Banque Accord, and E-commerces
  • lookmash lookmash Wanna know what looks good on You? Compare your clothes on lookmash !!! ★ Lookmash helps people decide what to buy in shops or wear before going out. ★ Take two pictures in different clothes and compare them. In few minutes you will get feedback from hundreds of lookmash's users. ★ If you are bored and you want to help others choose the best clothes and become stylist.
  • SambaMobile SambaMobile Now you can perform your banking transactions on your Windows device just like you do on your computer with SambaOnline! It's easy, secure and available for all Samba customers. Simply download the SambaMobile application and log-in using your SambaOnline username and password.
  • Shopping List ShopShop Shopping List Pen and paper were yesterday. Now you may write shopping lists faster and simpler than ever. On the way or at home you always carry them with you. Never again forget anything to buy. Your mobile phone memorizes items you have previously entered and proposes them directly to you again. Shopping has never been easier!

Мы создаем объединенные Windows и Windows Phone приложения на одном дыхании. Вот несколько слайдов, которые помогут вам показать, последние наши яркие работы.